St Nicholas School – Leeds

Posted by Ross Render




  • Large Primary School based in Leeds
  • Over 325 existing luminaires on site
  • No Lighting Control
  • Excessive Maintenance Costs per annum
  • Poor Lighting Levels throughout site
  • Over 10% failure rate of all lighting on site


  • Offer a point for point Led Energy Saving Solution
  • Integrate Lighting control into existing Infrastructure
  • Reduce Maintenance costs on site
  • Increase Lighting Levels to Light Level guidelines
  • 5 Year Warranty on all Lighting with on-site Warranty


  • Full point for point LED replacement with no infrastructure changes
  • 60 % Energy Saving across the site using Presence & Absence detection
  • Zero Maintenance for 5 Years
  • Increased Light Levels in all areas compared to existing Lighting lux level results, compliant to UGR19
  • Safe Environment, No HS issues, fully maintained lighting system for 5 Years
  • Huge financial benefits over the life of the Led Lighting, ECA Compliant and Carbon Reduction

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