Our Site Audit Service

We can visit your premises to conduct a free site survey to ensure all details are covered. To arrange either survey please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

We begin with a site audit to understand your requirements and assess your premises. We design the optimum lighting solution for your organisation, considering your operational requirements and incorporating the most appropriate lighting technology.

This is a free service for Commercial and Industrial organisations only.

It involves the following steps:

  • a brief discussion on what you are wanting to achieve
  • determining the approximate age and performance history of your current fittings
  • estimating your current power cost as well as the operating hours of your facility
  • estimating the ongoing maintenance costs in relamping conventional fittings
  • a count of your current fittings, including fluorescent tubes, highbays, downlights, etc
  • identifying possible opportunities to use lighting control systems to further increase savings

We can then respond with a Cost of Light Analysis which will:

  • outline the cost of your current lighting
  • factor in maintenance costs, carbon tax liability, etc
  • pinpoint your break-even point in converting some or all of your lighting to LED
  • set out the initial investment as well as the projected return on investment over the service life of the LED fittings


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