As an independent distributor, we have no obligation to carry stock for one manufacturer, enabling us to provide a more diverse line of products with flexible pricing.

If we don’t have your requirement in stock, we source and procure your products according to your business needs. At Luminous we can also manufacture bespoke Led Lighting Luminaires to your specification or to suit the light level demand of the project in which they will be installed.

All the Lighting we procure is from the UK or Europe through our extensive supply chain of accredited Manufacturers. Most of these have ISO9001 and we carry out strict due diligence to make sure, what we offer our clients has been made to current legislation and with the most efficient components available.

In most cases, any products we supply come from reputable manufacturers with a good trading history with many years’ experience in the industry. This gives us and our clients peace of mind, continuity on supply and support when required. All this backed up with a good product warranty, usually 5 years as standard.

We can also offer clients other options on branding, own part numbers, serial numbers and professional case studies where required.

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