Luminous Solutions is a leading-edge LED lamp and luminaries distributor to the UK Commercial Lighting Sector.

Luminous are committed to providing high quality, innovative, environmentally friendly LED lighting products at competitive prices. We offer a wide range of LED product solutions, including lamps, office lighting, architectural lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting and retail lighting.

We work with leading manufacturers including Northcliffe, Venture Lighting Europe, Philips & Relco to name a few. This provides our customers with the range of products that is required for an array of residential, commercial and hospitality spaces.

We have a highly experienced team who have extensive knowledge of the design and production process of every product and how it can be developed to meet your lighting needs. The team work closely with our manufacturers to make sure we are offering the most reliable and innovative products in the market.

Our bespoke Lighting products have been used on a variety of projects allowing us and our clients, to choose the best solution for the project, with the most efficient Lighting in the market.

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