Next Distribution Centre – Doncaster

Posted by Ross Render




NEXT Distribution Centre – Doncaster


  • Large Warehouse/Distribution Centre
  • 1000’s of Luminaires across the site
  • Limited Lighting Control with 24/7 operation


  • Carry out Professional Lighting Design for proposed areas
  • Produce full Lighting Specification with Integral Sensors
  • Low Glare Led Luminaire with Osram Led & Osram Drivers
  • 7 Year Warranty on all Lighting
  • New Maintained Emergency Lighting system


  • Fully compliant scheme with over 200 lux average in all areas
  • Over 50% Energy Saving compared to Fluorescent Lighting
  • Zero Maintenance for 7 Years
  • Fully Commissioned Sensors to Maximise Savings using PIR Sensing
  • Compliant Uniformity throughout the Area
  • Minimised Health & Safety Issues with safe light levels

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